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WIN10PRO Only 1 Problem, I don't know why so many complaints?

InVo is working perfectly and I don't see what peoples problems are.
I have 2 main outputs, and multiple inputs.

Sometimes it can be tricky, just use your speakers/stereo as "default playback device" then use InVo to route any game audio/media player/browsers to headsets. Apps such as audacity and also DAWs have their own output options which can over-ride InVo. Sometimes I have experienced audio problems with browsers, toggling the "Handled" checkbox in InVo and changing your "default audio device" in Windows will normally make it right! "FX" toggles seem to provide no help in any circumstances for me.

My query is regarding the start-up dialogue stating;
"IndieVolume requires a server to be started for non-administrator users. Please start the service IndieVolume.SVC.exe)".

If I check services I see "IndieVolume Service" from "C:\Program Files (x86)\IndieVolume\IndieVolume.SVC.exe" set to Automatic and already running. Every time!

Is it possible to disable the dialogue upon program startup, if so please let us know.

Besides the annoyance of a popup, I am super happy with the app, it lets me play music & videos via guitar amp, whilst hearing all the game audios through my headset. Worth the money if you aren't constantly formatting your OS, and have a little aptitude to get things as you like it.

start-up dialogue ???????????????????????????????????????

i paid for this app, it works but not seamless with 10.... update this or give me my money back....

needs a manual program selector

im trying to run a game that has messed up audio when recording. i need this software to switch its output device. but this software doesnt find it when its running. its just not there, and there is no option to manually select what program to force in. ive tried a couple different software that is similar to this, and neither of them allow manual selection. its assinine


Try great program (what this one was supposed to be)

I'm running windows 10 with 4 outputs and 2 inputs and can manage them on a per application basis

Nice to know

Nice to know this isn't running well because it isn't for Win 7 x64. Hope you got a windows 7 x64 version in the works, because from the interface in the x86 version this is exactly what I am missing..


Back after 2 years, and it... still doesn't work after you reboot, so could you please..... do some extensive debugging and try to get this program to work on Win 7-x64 (It's still the only program of it's kind I've found)
It's seriously a market thats completely empty of competition, just get the program / drivers / service working properly T_T

Doesnt work

Installed the trial. And EVERYTHING worked! I was already searching for my creditcard to buy this awesome piece of software. But suddenly...after a reboot I never got it back to work again. My system is 64Bit W7 with 8 Gb. After reading all te comments below I realise I threw away 3 hrs of trying to get it working again.

Looking forward to this

Looking forward to this becoming compatible with Windows 7 x64. Once it is, I'll be buying it in flash!

Works on windows 8 64bit.

Works on windows 8 64bit. Bugging on chrome though :-/

Does not work. I got two

Does not work. I got two sound cards. One build-in and one USB professional audio interface. + i got HDMI TV ... so whatever i do, nothing changing. Good thing i did not bought it. And price is a bit hight as well.

No it doesn't. I just

No it doesn't. I just installed it on Windows 8 64bit and went to switch the Sound in World of Tanks from my headphones to my speakers and nothing happened, sound stayed on the headphones. I even tried to restart the program in Admin mode and still nothing happened.

Good Software but many bugs

I, like many of the users, am experiencing major compatibility problems with Windows 7 x64. It doesn't work consistently and also causes Firefox not to load properly. We shouldn't have to run through hoops to get the program to work each time we need it to. It's a great idea and the price is fine, but we need the bugs worked out. When can we expect it to get fixed?

Indievolume bugs out with google chrome

tested out freeversion was about to buy the app today but then it started bugging out chrome while running netflix

netflix video went black sound was fine but what good is changing the audio output when there is no first i could just restart or reload chrome to get all working again but this morning this didnt work at all chrome refused to work while IV was running....and i refuse to sort to Internet exploder(pun intended) to get this working

oh bugger

reaaaaaaaly want this to work with win 7 pro 64, and would not even mind a lot higher price tag if it did. so far wasted a shitload of time on this.

but unfortunately, it does not seem to work, either programs are not listed, chrome refuses to start (can live with that i have to use ie instead), and some other strange quirks going on....

Still so far the only program out there i know of which can do any program to any audio port.... All the others have issues with the any program bit...

Well hope you can make my christmass, will definitely give a new release a spin.

If only it was compatible

If only it was compatible with Firefox and Thunderbird I would buy it.

There are also LOGICAL

There are also LOGICAL bugs:

After having started IndieVolume, re-routing the saved sound-output of a handled application to an other device does not work: Only after having changed the out-put device in the IndieVolume Settings dialog and then changed it back again makes the re-routing work. Please fix this bug!

I just want to confirm the

I just want to confirm the bug reports of other commentators:

I also want to say that I ABSOLUTELY NEED the features of IndieVolume, especially the feature of routing the sound output of each application to a different output device!

In Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1, IndieVolume works well if it is started *AFTER* an application which outputs sound. Applications not working while IndieVolume is already running are:

Google Chrome (window not appearing)
Mozilla Firefox (black window)
Mozilla Thunderbird (black window)

It does not help to mark these programs with the Bug checkbox in IndieVolume.
Also it does not help setting the compatibilty of IndieVolume.GUI.exe and IndieVolume.SVC.exe to Windows XP SP3.

It seems strange to me that the functionality of IndieVolume is bound to the GUI exe and not to the SVC exe. The GUI should only provide a configuration interface for the user settings which are saved by the GUI and then read by the SVC.

I also want to report a BSOD occurring two times after IndieVolume running for some time.

New Release

I just have released IndieVolume Feel free to try it -- it should handle Windows 7 x64 ok (for now only x32 applications)

The software doasnt functioning at all in Windows 7 64 bit !

There is a BUG I've known for years with the program ..

The software does not affect at all on any software!
The GUI window is not more then a FAKE GUI window ..
When I set something, NOTHING HAPPENS!!

The only way to make the settings work is to first run the software (eg VLC MEDIA PLAYER or any other software) and then run the software IndieVolume * while VLC (or other software) is open.

Only in this way in IndieVolume settings work in VLC Until the next time you have to do it.

* I used VLC player for the description. But the VLC just an example ..
This applies to all within

I thought you fixed the bug that the latest version ..
But I was wrong.

Hello, if the indievolume


if the indievolume will run the firefox browser is no longer usable. I then see only a black image, there are eg no buttons to see more from the close and minimize firefox. After I have finished the indievolume can be of use Firefox normally. I use windows 7 for other browsers the problem does not occur.

Hello, I wrote here recently


I wrote here recently that I have problems with IndieVolume. Firefox and Thunderbird could not help yourself, the window was black. But now have on my system (Windows 7 64 bit) found a solution. I will attach a picture where I show what to do. It is simple and works well for me.

Is sure that under Integrate into system menu no box is ticked!

As seen in the picture:

my google chrome wouldn't

my google chrome wouldn't launch
firefox showed the black screen
IE could launch but I could not handle it with Indievolume, possibly because it's a 64bit application

Running in compatability mode

Running in compatability mode for the gui and the exe worked WHEN

I had the program open i wanted to switch
there was no sound being used in the program

I stopped and restarted the service (with program open with no sound coming out)
Then went into the indievol and clicked the bug button for that service, turned on the handling, and set the audio out I wanted


I hit play on the sound

Summary: set compat mode as told earlier on the 2 parts of program

Turn of indie

open application u want audio changed

turn off and then on (administrator mode) the indie program

unselect everything for the application u want changed within indie (use bug button)
Re select and Set the right settings

push play on your application

What a beast. I wouldn't pay more than 10 for this...

this is one of those programs

this is one of those programs i would have paid for...only it doesnt work.
win7 being the only os you need to support as thats where your customers are, its a shame it's screwed, even more of a shame that your charging people for it :\

it did work at one point ...once..but now it's inactive again

(win7 x64)

raging guy, if you ever make a replacement let us know :)


Well after spamming handled about 10 times it just got it to work for random , tho its in xp 3 compitability.

But hey support for x64 would be awesome indeed seeing as i paid for it ;)

The temporary solution

Hi all. Just letting you all know that I have discovered a temporary fix to enable 64 bit operation. It works for me anyway. Use the trial version before buying to test for yourself... It involves the "IndieVolume Service" This service runs automatically at startup but is the ultimate problem. So if you first close IndieVolume, then go to services.msc and restart the IndieVolume Service, then reopen IndieVolume (as administrator!), find the programs you want, uncheck the handled button, check the "disabled due to bug" button", uncheck the "disabled due to bug" button, recheck the handled button, and voila it should now work! You can create a batch file to stop and start the service for you. Google how to do it if you don't know how. You can also use Task Scheduler to run IndieVolume in administrator without the UAC prompt.

*Note: If you close the program you are using it may require you to restart the process. Also I have had problems using VLC. If you are using iTunes, make sure there is nothing playing or paused when you do this process.

I can send people the batch file and exported scheduled task if they like...

Did not work for me.

Did not work for me.

I am on Win 8x64

I am on Win 8x64

this is what worked for me

this is what worked for me give it a try thank you good sir


Not Work! Win7 X64

This worked for me thank

This worked for me thank you!!




-- From, everyone who has tried this program.


Windows 7 x64

I can only add yet another comment regarding the lack of Windows 7 x64 support. I'm glad I haven't paid for this piece of software yet, it would be utterly useless to me if I it doesn't run on my OS.
A shame, because Indievolume is exactly what I was looking for.

how to make this work on windows x64

Hello, I have successfully set up Indie Volume on Windows 7 64bit.

These are my steps:

1. Make sure you have exited the GUI right click system tray exit.

2. After install go to your install folder:
(default) C:\Program Files (x86)\IndieVolume

Right click Properties on the file IndieVolume.SVC.exe and change compatibility to Windows XP SP3. (I did the same for IndieVolume.GUI.exe.)

3. Run 'services' from start menu.
Locate IndieVolumeService in the service list.
Stop then Start the service.

4. Run indievolume GUI and everything should be good to go.

Forgot to mention

Forgot to put in last step. Set the app settings you want and boot the programs, right click indievolume in systray and exit, then run indievolume again and the sounds will switch to what you chose.

Windows 7 64x

Glad I tried before I bought this product. Does not work with Windows 7, avoid.

Win 7 64-bit

It's pretty disappointing that you advertise this as Win 7 compatible, but don't support the most common version, 64-bit. I was excited to have found a program which would do what I needed... Please feel free to email me when you catch up with the times. It's likely that most of your prospective customers are now running 8GB or more of RAM...necessitating the use of a 64-bit OS.


Thanks, its really useful info!

Indeed I can get it to

Indeed I can get it to 'randomly' work, but it involves alot of time removing enabling virtual devices restarting services and praying to a higher power! -_-, Sadly I need to do this each time I reboot the computer which is quite annoying.
If you do make it work I'll buy it in a instant though.

Same problem

Does not work properly on Win 7 64 bit even in XP compability mode

Windows 7 64 bit

Common This is the only program that is able to do what i need... But it wont work on 64 bit windows7

Windows 7 64 bit support

Great program! Precisely what I've been looking for since years ago.
For example to play a game with the sound of your laptop and in the background your music (spotify) by SPDIF. (Spotify doesn't let you define the output device)

Sadly I can't get it to work on W7 64 bit, hope the support comes soon. I will be glad to buy the program.

windows 7 x64 necesary

With the new hdmi tv's and for the multiple audio devices its really needed a program like these.
Its the perfect program, no-one like it. I made VLC work sometimes and firefox, but i cant make it work when i really want.

Win 7 X74 Yes or NO?

Please, Can the author of this fine piece of SW confirm if this will work on Win 7 x64?

Do update the webpage, it still says "for win xp only"...

// Lazze

I've had success (with Steam)

I've had success (with Steam) running the program in XP compatibility mode on Windows 7 64 Bit.

Is the support for windows 7

Is the support for windows 7 64bit coming?? i really want this program! :D

get this to work

I m glad i tried before I bought. I just about bought it right away for this feature alone, but it doesn t work in 64bit win 7.

I have windows 7 Ultimate

I have windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and I also cannot get it working. I would really love to use this program I think it is just what windows 7 needs. Please get back to me if there is a fix that will allow me to run indievolume.

Multi-Room Virtual Device

How do you add a Multi-Room Virtual Device?

You should click on New...

You should click on New... button – this will create Multi-Room device. "Removable" devices are physical audio devices installed on your computer. Removable devices are auto-created.